Tips by Shahnaz Hussain for the summer heat

Tips by Shahnaz Hussain for the summer heat

After the arrival of summer, the skin will say whipping gratitude to the cruel sun. Just remove the damage of the sun with the trendy tips by Shahnaz Hussain.

Skin Tone
  1. The best natural coolant and toner is rose water. There should be a habit of keeping the rose water bowl in the refrigerator, which is ice-cold and ready to use. Hence, wash the skin with the help of ice-cold rose water every day. Moreover, cucumber is helpful in reducing the oiliness and is having strict effects on the skin. Thus, on mixing rose water with the cucumber juice, apply it on the skin for decreasing oiliness and closing the pores.

However, fresheners and skin toners are playing a major role in the routine of skin care in summer. Thus, it is helping is keeping the pores unclog and maintain the normal balance.

  • Although, keep the marigold flowers in warm water for the whole night. Then, add sandalwood paste and yogurt and later mix them together for making the smooth paste. However, apply it on the face, except the area around the eyes and lips. Then wash it after 20 minutes. Thus, marigold is having a germicidal and soothing effect on skin eruptions and irritation.
  • In the summer season, the fruit pack is playing a major role. Mostly fruit pack is preparing by mixing apple, orange, papaya, and banana. Although, apply the fruit pack on face and wash it after around 30 minutes. However, papaya is helping in cleaning the dead skin cells. Whereas banana is tightening the skin cells. Though, apple is helpful in skin toning and contains pectin. However, orange is containing vitamin C.

The most popular thing in summer skin care is Multani mitti. However, it is helpful in reducing oiliness in the skin, mixing one spoon of Multani mitti in rose water. Although, apply the paste on the face and wash it after drying. Thus, it will help in shrinking the pores and supports in keeping skin clear. 

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