To save the food a fun tool is discovered

As somebody has nightmares regarding the amount of food been thrown out in the country and trying to make the as low-waste as possible.
And in all conscience, it is easy and fun to search for the new ways to prepare ingredients that will not be eaten otherwise. Now, people are having the knowledge that the stem of broccoli tastes amazing cooked with carrot stems, nutritional yeast, corncobs and onion skins making the best veggie stock around.

In spite of the little feats of culinary creativity where trash pile is present. Some constituents are harder to use up than others. And was delighted to find the renovated resource by the Natural Resources Defense Council. Explaining in what manner to use the basics that can be found in the fridge.

Issue: Wasting money and food when the meal is prepared

On wasting the natural resources and strain on the overtaxed agriculture industry, flinging away food is the same in throwing away dollar bills. NRDC predicts that the family of a four-person can lose upward of USD 1,600 a year on wasted food. To get the number down, environmental non-profit studied up on what people are throwing away. And in association with the Council, launching the Food Campaign in the year 2016.

With the physical advertisements that villainize food wastes across a nation where online campaign pursues to assist people with some pain points. Coming up when they are annoying to use the last of their food. It extended to welcome the whole section on the sustainable meal prepping.

Sustainable food systems specialist at NRDC, Andrea Spacht commented that “Meal prepping has become a popular way for busy people to eat healthy all week long. Unfortunately, it often leads to unintentional waste. Because of over-shopping, over-preparing, and just plain boredom by the end of the week”. “We have several experienced meal peppers on the team, so we leaned on them to identify the pitfalls they face”. “Then, our in-house food waste experts looked at how we could help home cooks avoid them.”

Solution: Meal-Prep buddy is used

After going through the Save the Food Guide that is comprehensive and presents lots of useful information. The recipe index goes behind pesto prepared from broccoli stems and involves the creative dishes. That includes apple cider doughnuts prepared from the leftover of mashed potatoes and the tandoori marinade using Greek Yogurt.

Also, the best part is the tool’s storage portal, occupied with little tricks for keeping the food fresh for long. Now you can come around hardened brown sugar for using the slice of bread, making nut butter as long by preserving it in the fridge. And ripen the avocado by sprinkling the inside with lime or lemon juice.

Spacht claims that “We designed the tool to be evergreen and versatile for users who follow their own recipes. And stocked with a solid set of recipes for those looking for inspiration. As we get feedback from users, we’ll be taking that to test what’s next for the Meal Prep Mate”.

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