Travelers traveling to Dubai will be provided free SIM cards

Travelers traveling to Dubai will be provided free SIM cards

If people are traveling to Dubai it will be easy and stress-free for them. However, visitors will now get a free SIM card with free talk time and extra data. Although, SIM cards will be available on Dubai International Airport. This proves that there is no need to spend energy and time in purchasing the local SIM card after arriving in Emirate.

According to GDRFA in Dubai, where tourists of age around 18 years with a visit, visa on arrival and transit. However, they will get the SIM card at the immigration counter of Dubai airport. Thus, it is claiming that the SIM card will be active for a month, with around 20 MB free mobile data and 3 minutes talk time. Whereas, travelers will top up a card while staying if necessary.

Although, the SIM card will work on syncing it with the system of immigration, which will deactivate the service after exiting the country. However, according to the report, while recharging the SIM, travelers can choose from the packages like large, medium and small.

Thus, Dubai is always the best destination attracting various visitors across the world. However, according to data available by Dubai Tourism, it is receiving almost 4.8 Mn universal overnight visitors. Whereas amongst a number of Indian visitors was the largest.

However, Dubai is concentrating on attracting around 24 to 26 Mn visitors every year and escalates several facilities for the same. Even though, Emirate is moving forward in enhancing the presence in the market of tourism and advertise it as the destination for business.

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