Uber Eats to start food delivery by drone, San Diego

Uber Eats to start food delivery by drone, San Diego

Uber is starting to deliver foods using drones in San Diego. They are targeting to analyze ways for connecting payload to consumers in the thick environment. However, there is no easy way of flying to the front door.

As per the scheme, the restaurant will add the meal in a drone of UberEats and will fly to the appropriate location for delivery. Thus, the company plans to plot drones on cars of Uber Eats containing the QR code for identification.

Uber Eats

However, Uber Eats is working together on the research with Uber Elevate, the urban air mobility division of the company. Uber Elevate, Flight Operations head, Luke Fischer mentions being critical for figuring the working of drone delivery. On the other hand, drone delivery is working in thick environments. Whereas 70% of the population of the world is having a point of access such as suburban backyards.

Uber Elevate Conference, mentions about not needing drones directly to customers, getting too close.  As Uber makes the primary test deliveries, moving behind the optical line from McDonald’s to the State University of San Diego. These deliveries take place by using the AR200 drone. However, the company builds the drone personalizing for food delivery planning for a debut.

Although, test program in San Diego is under the partnership of Central Integration Pilot Program USA. It is launching their drones in locations near the U.S for integrating drones in the airspace. Fischer mentions that Uber is now in the final stage of FAA certification as the air carrier.

Uber Eats is having the financial bright spot, ongoing for losing billions every year with slow growth in the business of ride-sharing. Uber Eats is generating billions of revenue on food delivery, as per the expectation.

However, the pilot program of drone delivery will increase outside McDonald’s to other partners of Uber Eats restaurant. And this is comprising of local favorite Ivy and Juniper.

In the trials of IPP, the Wing unit of Google is receiving approval from the FAA. This will help in analyzing deliveries of a drone in Matternet, Virginia, and Blacksburg. However, UPS is starting to transport the specimens of the lab by drone on WakeMed Hospital campus, Raleigh, North Carolina.

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