US Based Tyson Launches its Maiden Plant-Based Meat Brand, Raised & Rooted

The food industry is witnessing major disruptions for a couple of years. Increasing preferences for sustainable food habits is picking up momentum. Environment protection commitment is gaining widespread acceptance. The millennial populace is significantly altering their food habits to remain healthy.

Meet Free Diet Bodes Well with Millennial Consumption Preferences

Also, people are becoming more conscious of a meat-free diet. Hence the food industry is undergoing pronounced changes in terms of novel developments. In the recent past, several new market players have entered the food industry with meat-free innovations. Several others are also working on their plant-based meat options. These developments are likely to sync well with differing tastes of vegan, vegetarian, as well as non-vegetarian consumers. Therefore the food industry is witness to major changes. Leading plant-based meat providers are targeting supermarkets and retail outlets. This is likely to boost its visibility. Additionally, low pricing is helping them to gain more customers.

Meat is continuing to dominate the food plate of non-vegetarians as the ultimate protein source. Hence, plant-based meat providers are cashing on this feature to offer wholesome protein supplements. Several high-end R&D endeavors are underway to check the future of plant-based meat substitutes.

Therefore, Impossible Foods, the pioneer of Impossible Burger is releasing its latest research results regarding the same. The company has carried out elaborate research on preferences for plant-based meat. The target audience for this venture comprised millennials and generation Z. The former is clearly fascinated by plant-based meat. Therefore, their progeny will inevitably develop a taste for the same. Hence, it is safe to conclude that the future of plant-based meat is certainly promising.

Beyond Meat Rolls Out Beyond Beef as Traditional Ground Meat Alternative

As preferences for alternative meat are gearing up, manufacturers are contemplating a new product line. Tyson Foods, one of the key US meat producers is planning a new product launch. Under the brand, Raised & Rooted, Tyson is likely to showcase pea protein-based nuggets. In similar lines, Beyond Meat Inc. is taking the alternative meat industry by storm. The company is launching its ground meat alternative, Beyond beef to replicate traditional ground beef taste and texture. The product is a wholesome blend of rice, pea, and mung beans. The product will be complementing most beef-based recipes.

Meat alternative business is growing by leaps and bounds. Hence, ace food producer Nestle is expanding its partnership with McDonald’s. The duo is going to expand Big Vegan TS Burger sales across MEA followed by the US.

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