What should be done regarding the expectations of food collapse?

What should be done regarding the expectations of food collapse?

As the System Change Not Climate Change member receives links of YouTube videos stressing on the production of a crop. Paul Beckwith, Climate researcher portrays the world staggering on the edge of the food shortage. As many videos and articles are suggesting of starving. However, Beckwith is describing that the maximum of US farms is not having plants. However, the reality is reflecting in Southern and Central Illinois.

As per the report of the University of Illinois Extension, the planting of trees is taking place on around 15% of Illinois acres. Although, fields are simple or in water in several areas. As it is the extraordinary vision in several parts of the country where corn is at least a foot high.

However, a report of Beckwith’s is not making any distinction in the grain crops of a commodity against food crops of humans. For instance, across the globe, humans are consuming around 50% of crops directly. As other crops are focusing on the manufacture of ethanol, food additives and animal feed.

Although, climate change is threatening the traditional agriculture, where fruit and vegetable crop production of the cold season in Illinois are doing well. However, in the section of Geology, it is mentioning the below sea level marshland and wet grasslands after the arrival of Europeans. For instance, the family settling down in Central Illinois along with the banks of Sangamon River where an area is muddy. So in the first year, the family began suffering from malaria where reality unrestraint the site of Sangamon near Springfield.

As malaria is the biggest issue in part of the country after the arrival of Europeans. As water from fields makes it in creeks, rivers and ditches carrying large amounts of farming comprise of soil. And the agrochemicals are washing away the fields. However, runoff is ending up in the Gulf of Mexico and Mississippi River, increasing water’s body ‘dead-zone’. This is resulting in the pollution of agro-chemical and high nitrogen.

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