Why Amazon Restaurants closing the service of food-delivery

Why Amazon Restaurants closing the service of food-delivery

The service of the food delivery of Amazon is important for cutting the block.

As per the Geek Wire, Amazon Restaurants is criticizing for closing up the shop in the US, following in London.

However, the service is in its run, after starting the life in Seattle and then branches in several cities in London and the US. For the members of Amazon Prime offers the same services as applications of delivery such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats. On observing the delivery of meals to houses by a website of Amazon Restaurants or Prime Now website.

Although, the services packing in bags in London and confirmation of Geek Wire to Amazon about ending it in the US.

Geek Wire, spokesperson of Amazon mentions in a statement on discontinuing the business of Amazon restaurant in the US.

However, various small number of employees are hampering by the decision of finding new opportunities at Amazon. Where others will be offering personal support for finding the new opportunity in or out of the company.

The food delivery service of Amazon is concentrating on carrying lunch to the workplace will be closing the shop.

In spite of closing, Amazon is completely leaving the game of food-delivery. It will continue the delivery service of groceries from Whole Foods through Prime Now. However, it is pouring the funds in Deliveroo, a company of food delivery, present in the UK, competing with GrubHub and Uber Eats on heat.

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