Why is China launching a safety probe everywhere after the chemical blast?

Why is China launching a safety probe everywhere after the chemical blast?

China is launching the nationwide inspection campaign in toxic mines, chemicals, fire safety, and transportation. However, the safety of a country is following the deadly pesticide plant blast killing around 79 people.

In a notice, the Ministry of Emergency Management claims that authorities are needing to ‘deeply absorb’ lessons of the explosion. These lessons of an explosion at Chemical Park in Yancheng city in the eastern province of China’s Jiangsu.

However, the blast occurs at the plant having possession of by Tianjiayi Chemical Co, producing around 32 organic chemical compounds. As state media mentions that the company is having a history of safe destructions and are punishing frequently.

Thus, the efforts of rescue at the blast site are officially done. However, the local government mentions that around 165 people are caught in the explosion, with almost 85 survivors.

In a new round of inspections, safety departments are investigating small and chaotic enterprises and endure the shutting down of unqualified companies. Thus, in pressure for cracking on violations, comprising of unlawful or extra storage of the toxic chemical materials.

Increasing the use of Big Data

With the increasing use of big data and methods of technology to build-up the real-time monitoring of dangerous producers of chemicals.

Thus, authorities on the environment are having the pain of showing the case is under control and carry on to cover off rivers. This protects the water contaminating with toxic chemicals from posturing the health risks to the inhabitants.

However, the environmental protection bureau is saying to remove the emergency plan and treat the toxic wastewater from the river. However, the blast site is under the concentrations of surface water of the toxic chemicals like benzene surpassing standards.

Li Ganjie, Environment minister is visiting the site and prevailing on workers to ensure that unclean wastewater is not overflowing. However, Li Ganjie visits the neighboring Taiwan Nuclear Power Plant and prevail, officials for learning lessons from the accident.

Liu Youbin, a spokesman of the environment ministry, informs Reuters on tightening the environmental impact assessment approving chemical plants and daily inspections.  

China is having a history of safe accidents and triggers the inspection campaign focusing on violations. However, it punishes officials for corner cutting or dodging the supervisory duties.

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