Why is Nreal revealing customer and developer version of AR smart glasses?

Why is Nreal revealing customer and developer version of AR smart glasses?

Primarily on making it public at CES, nreal light is augmenting reality smart glasses available in developer and customer edition.

The company manages to bring AR smart glasses, wearable sunglass like designs are responsive to Google Glass.

However, the nreal light Consumer Kit is retailing for around USD 499 and comprises one pair of companies smart glasses. Hence, it is connecting through USB-C cable to friendly ‘XR optimizing devices’. As the device is working by the mobile platform of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 allowing users to appreciate the content.

Hugo Swart, XR Head, Qualcomm Technologies are explaining the working of a company with nreal ensuring the support of the Snapdragon smartphone. It mentions that nreal light is providing light-weight XR observer is permitting customers to take the benefit of 5G. As it is including low latency and high bandwidth for distributing the experiences. Thus, by working closely with nreal to endure compatibility with Snapdragon smartphone. And integration of ecosystem transforming the connection to people.

Nreal light

As Nreal light is providing the capabilities of Augmented Reality at the affordable price, where consumers are issuing the reality content on the network of 5G. However, nreal is partnering with several carriers offering 5G services for smart glasses comprising China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Uplus, LG, KT, Swisscom, and Softbank.

Although, a nreal light Developer Kit is useful for developers for creating the understandings and applications for the platform. As developers are selecting on a rolling basis for purchasing a nreal light Developer Kit starting shipping.

Thus, nreal will be providing developers with SDK useful for migrating current applications to a platform or generate a new one.

As TechRadar reaches to nreal and company representative informs about the edition of an enterprise of nreal light works. However, it is featuring with Qualcomm 845 chip.

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