Women Moving Back To Simple Beauty Methods

Now is the era where beauty is very important. Beauty helps in maintaining the personality of an individual. There are various products present which help in preserving beauty. As per the survey, around 30% of British women reduce the use of a plethora of skincare products. The market research firm claims that in 2019 the use of facial cleansing wipes is reduced as compared to 2018. Hence, there is a decrease in the usage of make-up.

A small number of cleansing products

In 2019, there is an increase in the number of women using only one product for cleaning the face on comparing with 2018. In the meantime, there is a decrease in the number of women using more products for cleansing in the year 2019. However, the main fatalities of cleaning face comprise of facial cleansing wash, facial toners, and facial cleansing wipes.

A decrease in facial care

In the previous year, the amount of using facial care products has decreased. However, in 2019, there is a reduction in the number of women using lotion/ day cream. Thus, there is a decrease in usage of lotion night cream, color correct, daily defense cream and blemish balm.

Reduce make-up

As per the survey, there is a decrease in the purchase of make-up because of the reduction in the use of naturally radiant skin. Certainly, around 30% of women are wearing the make-up for purchasing color cosmetics as compared to 2018 and are spending very less on different categories.

Global Skincare Analyst, Alex Fisher claims of an increase in the amount of UK women moving from the routine of K-beauty and are reaching to the result. However, the requirement for simplicity is moving towards minimal skincare products with active ingredients like oils and serums.

Increase in serums and face oils

The most important thing is serums and face oil in the UK facial skincare market. Thus, the saturation within women is remaining at 25% as there is a decrease in the use of different treatments. As per the survey, around 45% of women are using the facial caring products linking to serums for nourishment. However, serums are having a connection with glow, where 25% of women using facial skincare believe that serums representing brightness and radiance.

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