World’s biggest airport is situated on the Black Sea Coast in Istanbul

World’s biggest airport is situated on the Black Sea Coast in Istanbul

On visiting the destinations for exploring the touristy sites, giving the imposing size and things. However, Istanbul Airport is soon becoming the tourist site for the passengers arriving in the country.

As one of the airports is having a control tower of tulip-shape, four terminals, the largest hotel in Europe, and 500+ checkpoints. Hence, it is having the space for accommodating almost 250 Mn passengers. Istanbul Airport is larger than the Manhattan and located around 20 miles away from the city on Black Sea Coast.

However, the airport is hovering around 80 Mn sq. m of the area and begin construction in four phases. Although, Turkish Airlines will start functioning from the Istanbul Airport after shifting the base from Ataturk airport. Nowadays, two runways are operating and permitting flights to land and take off instantaneously.

As authorities are pinning the hopes on the airport for becoming the common travel hub. Hence, Turkey will help in fascinating several travelers, as prospects of employment will be optimistic for the local population. However, the airport is huge, passengers are coming to enjoy the long walks to the gate of boarding.

Eco-friendly Airport

The airport is gathering rainwater and uses the technology of modern recycling. However, all the measures are earning a distinct place in the list of properties possessing the city.

Application for tracking

With the help of the Istanbul Airport mobile application, passengers have the ability to track a flight and admit the information regarding the airport. Hence, the application is providing access to the Wi-Fi of the airport and share information regarding events taking place in the city.

Living Room

Total there are three lounges, working by Turkish Airlines, and two more are coming soon. Hence, the Smiles and Miles living room is having various golf simulator, food stations shower suites, and work stations storage locker.

Food Stalls

According to the plan, the airport will be having around 160 outlets of food. However, on searching for the healthy meal, mug of Turkish coffee, fast bite or in popular baklava. There is the food outlet serving the favorite flavor on the plate.

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